• Indications for use

    The gel can be used among adults and children over 3 months to accelerate the processes of skin healing without cicatrization by means of applying a thin layer of the gel to the skin

  • Method of application

    It can be used in case of any skin lesions among adults and children over 3 months to accelerate regeneration and healing of the damaged skin without cicatrization by means of applying a thin layer of the gel to the skin once a day until the the skin condition is improved

  • Special instructions

    When the gel is applied to open skin areas, it is recommended that one avoid direct sunlight

  • Overdose

    No cases of overdose have been registered

  • Mechanism of action

    The lyophilized extract of chick embryo cells, on the gel-forming biopolymer basis, stimulates migration and proliferation of fibroblasts, keratinocytes, endothelial and other cells, and contributes to the recovery of epidermis and skin structure

  • Interactions with other medicinal products

    Incompatibilities or interactions with other drugs are not detected

  • Storage instructions

    Keep at temperature not less than 5 and not more than 18°С in a place protected from light and children

  • Shelf-life

    2 year from the date indicated on the package




Cicatrical tissue treatment with Ultra Pulse laser. The result can be observed in 7 days.



The cyst opened by the patient soon turned out to be a trophic ulcer. The result can be observed in 30 days.

Opinion of professionals

Goltsova Elena Nikolayevna

General Director of Generation Group Medical Corporation, Ph.D. in Medical Science, Head of the Cosmetology Chair with the Trichology course (Tyumen), Chief Freelance Specialist in the field of Cosmetology of Department of Public Healthcare of the Tyumen Region, Certified Training Specialist in the field of injectable drugs, member of Advisory Board on “Dysport. Botulinum Toxin Therapy”

The use of Cellgel straight after fractional photothermolysis and other laser procedures that damage skin contributes to a faster skin regeneration and managed healing process without cicatrization. Skin redness and edema become smaller in size during the first 24-hours after the procedure is performed, derma is restructured along with the growth of pool granulations without any risk of allergic responses.


Parsagashvili Elena Zakharovna

Chief Doctor of Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine «Aestima Clinic», Dermatologist, Aesthetician, Specialist in injection technologies, the all-Russian prize “Golden Lancet” winner (St. Petersburg)

In our clinic we have been using the medication «Cellgel« for the second year. We have included it into the rehabilitation program after medium depth and deep peeling, laser resurfacing, laser removal of neoformations and electro-coagulation of neoformations and blood vessels. The results of «Cellgel» application in our clinical experience exceeded our expectations: the rehabilitation period reduced one-half or two times, the sensation of discomfort after traumatic procedures significantly decreased, and the skin surface perfectly restored. The patients started purchasing the medication to use at home, and this is the best way possible to show their highest level of satisfaction.

Saromytskaya Alyona Nikolayevna

Director General and Owner of Center of aesthetic medicine and medical cosmetology “Professional”, Training center “Professional”, Owner of Plastic Surgery Clinic “Assol”, Lecturer at the Training Center “Professional” (Volgograd), Dermatologist, Aesthetician, Specialist in injection technologies, Specialist in laser technologies, Certified Training Specialist at “IPSEN-Pharma”, member of Advisory Board on “Dysport. Botulinum Toxin Therapy”, Certified Training Specialist and an Expert at “Merz-Pharma”

We choose only unique innovation solutions for the Clinic and the Center of aesthetic medicine and medical cosmetology. Cellgel being created by the Tyumen scientists is one of these solutions.
More than once it proved its effectiveness when treating injured skin. In our clinics we often prescribe Cellgel after the procedures of fractional resurfacing and deep peeling.
This medication is impossible to replace for reducing the rehabilitation period after aesthetic procedures without side effects in the form of scars.  The patients note the decrease of discomfort sensation after the procedure and the minimized period of social maladjustment.

Shevchenko Natalia Aleksandrovna

Chief Doctor of “Cosmetology by Shevchenko” (Rostov-on-Don), Dermatologist, Aesthetician, Specialist in laser technologies, Certified Training Specialist in injection treatment.

Listing Cellgel in the medication register, included in the treatment procedures particularly in our clinic, extended the range of capabilities to restore the injured tissues. As we are specialized in reparative dermatology, dozens of patients with injuries and side effects after previously performed therapeutic and surgical interventions could get effective and comprehensive therapy at the appropriate times.

Questions and answers

What is the mechanism of action of Cellgel®?

In skin regeneration, mechanisms of connective tissue (scar) and epithelialization (scarless healing) formation are genetically determined. With age, the connective tissue formation happens faster than epithelialization, which is why with young children, unlike adults, after skin wounds healing no scars are left. “Cellgel ®” is applied on the injured skin area to stimulate scarless healing and the sooner it is applied, the more effective the healing is. It is required to apply it, if possible, immediately after wounding and no later than in 20 hours.

If I failed to apply the gel within 20 hours, how would it affect the wound healing process?

Even if you applied the product after 20 hours, it will stimulate the skin healing process, although effectiveness of its usage will be reduced.

Can Cellgel be applied to cicatrical tissues and scars healing?

Cicatrical tissue or scar is the formed connective tissue. Cellgel is used for wounds healing. The product can be used after laser resurfacing of cicatrical tissues or scars for faster skin recovery after the procedure and to obtain a high aesthetic effect.

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